We Buy Houses For Cash. Cash Offer For Your House in 24 Hours

Lex Holdings, LLC. is a Florida based real estate investment company that has been purchasing homes directly from sellers since 2003. Our company has purchased over 1,000 houses since 2003 and we specialize in purchasing residential single family homes directly from sellers. We can make you a cash offer to buy your property in 24 hours or less.

Our reputation as a real estate investment company has earned us recognition as one of South Florida’s most recognized real estate investment companies. We are one of the largest cash buyers of single family homes in the State of Florida. We specialize in acquiring residential real estate (single family and multi family) for cash directly from sellers that have to sell their property. Many of the properties that we buy are purchased directly from homeowners and we specialize in buying probate homes, inherited homes and foreclosure homes. We also purchase hundreds of homes that are in foreclosure directly from banks and sellers that need to sell their house fast.

Our company has been featured in the Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, The Real Deal, ABC, NBC, Fox News Radio, Real Estate Wealth Magazine, The Huffington Post, Mortgage Lending News and many other publications. Our company specializes in purchasing residential real estate in Florida and most of our acquisitions are in the State of Florida. We buy houses for cash anywhere in the State of Florida. We are currently expanding into the South Eastern States.

We are buying single family & multi family residential. If you need to sell call (954) 320-6444

Our company specializes in purchasing residential real estate, renovating the property and then placing the property in our rental portfolio. We pay our investors based on the rental income of our portfolio. Some of the properties that we purchase are repaired and then sold on the MLS for a profit. If you have a problem property that you need to get rid of then we can make you a cash offer to purchase your property within 24 hours of speaking with you. If you would like to speak with one of our acquisitions managers please call (954) 320-6444.

Many of the properties that we purchase have been vacant, damaged or mismanaged. If you have a problem property that you don’t want to deal with or if you are in foreclosure and need to sell fast then call us at (954) 320-6444. We have an extensive network of lenders and realtors that bring deals to us. If you are a realtor and you bring us a deal, and we buy it you will get your commission when we buy it and we will also agree to give you the listing when we sell the property in the future. If you are interested in submitting deals to us please send us an email to lex@lexholdings.com

Investment Opportunities We Are Most Interested In

We are currently purchasing residential single family, multifamily, self storage and mobile home parks. We are also looking for large portfolios of single family homes and apartment buildings anywhere in the Southeast including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. If you have a property you need to sell fast call us at (954) 320-6444.

Why You Should Contact Us:

  • We can make you a cash offer within 24 hours of speaking to you.
  • There are no commissions, and no fees and we can buy your property “as is”.
  • We can close fast and pay cash within 2 weeks of making you an offer
  • We Are consistent, honest, and always act with integrity