Welcome to Lex Holdings

Lex Holdings, LLC. is a Florida based real estate investment company that specializes in distressed residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Our company has been investing in distressed real estate for over 10 years. Our skill and reputation as distressed real estate investors has earned us recognition as one of the South Florida’s pre-eminent distressed real estate investment companies. We specialize in acquiring and managing residential, commercial and industrial investment opportunities with significant upside potential. Our principal’s extensive background in the financial analysis of distressed real estate investment opportunities has earned us recognition in South Florida where we have been featured in the Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, The Real Deal, Mortgage Lending News and many other newspapers. Lex Holdings, LLC. specializes in the Southeast and is very active in South Florida.

We are always looking for unique turnaround Distressed Real Estate Opportunities

We are always looking for opportunities to invest in Distressed Real Estate. We are looking for situations where we can purchase commercial and residential real estate at no more than 65% of current fair market value. We are specialists at acquiring distressed properties by assuming the existing debt. Typically this type of opportunity occurs where properties have been damaged or mismanaged to the point where the property is either vacant or the vacancy rate is higher than acceptable for most institutional investors. Many of the properties that we purchase are in foreclosure and are purchased directly from lenders. We are very active in lower income multifamily apartment buildings where the building has been mismanaged and the lender has had to take back the building.

We are experts at turning around distressed real estate. We specialize in acquiring real estate at below market prices, repairing and managing the property and then reselling the property for fair market value. We often enter into Joint Ventures with lenders and with sellers of distressed real estate. We are looking for turnaround situations where the property has been mismanaged and there is significant upside potential. We are looking for ugly properties with low occupancy rates that have been mismanaged. Ideally, we would like to purchase these properties with favorable terms such as seller financing at below market interest rates. We are truly looking for unique investment opportunities with significant upside potential. We prefer projects where we can assume the existing debt. We manage all stages of each project, but will require broker assistance in various stages of due diligence through closing. We have an extensive network of commercial lenders and realtors that bring deals to us. If you are interested in submitting deals to us please send us an email to lex@lexlevinrad.com and we will provide you with a deal sheet that can be completed and faxed to us. You can fax any relevant information to 561-948-0410. Our principal Lex Levinrad is a licensed realtor with Charles Rutenberg Realty.

Commercial and Industrial Property

We will look at any commercial and industrial property but we will not look at raw land unless there is 100% financing and the land is significantly below market value. We are presently reviewing residential multifamily, self storage and mobile home park opportunities but we also look at assisted living, hotel and virtually any commercial real estate opportunity. We are primarily interested in low occupancy, turnaround situations with significant upside where the investment makes sense. This often occurs where a property has been mismanaged and the seller is desperate to sell or the lender has already taken the property back.

Lex Holdings, LLC. is known for:

  • Acquiring distressed real estate at 65% or less of current market value.
  • Creating significant equity for our investors by turning around distressed real estate
  • Excellent returns for our investors and partners
  • Consistency, Honesty, Integrity, Persistence