Joint Ventures

If you are the owner of a distressed multi family residential property, self storage facility or mobile home park we might be able to assist you in turning around your distressed real estate situation through a joint venture with us.

You contribute your existing real estate asset along with the existing mortgage debt into a jointly owned LLC (that we create). We Joint Venture with you on the project (usually 50/50) and we manage the project from acquisition through disposition. All profits are split equally net of fees and commissions.

Our philosophy is that all business should be a win/win situation for all parties. You will be very pleased with our results if you Joint Venture with us. Please note we are very selective on Joint Venture projects and very selective of who we choose to work with.

Acquisition of Residential Single Family and Multi-Family Real Estate

We are expanding our presence in the South East and with increased capital from investors we are looking to acquire $10 million dollars of real estate in the next 12 months. If you are selling, and it makes sense then we are buying.

At present with our partners we currently manage a large portfolio or residential single family and multi-family properties in the State of Florida. We are currently purchasing residential single family, multifamily, self storage and mobile home parks facilities anywhere in the South East. We are looking for large portfolios of single family homes and apartment buildings in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. If you have a property you need to sell fast call us now at 954-320-6444 or email

Consulting and Management

we offer expert advice and consulting services related to distressed real estate and turn around situations. If you have a problem property with high vacancy rates, damages or others issues and would like us to review your property on a consulting basis then we can do so. However, we do not offer property management services on any properties that we don’t have a controlling interest or Joint Venture interest.

Real Estate Development

If you are an owner of raw land that is ready to be developed and you are looking for a real estate developer partner or builder to help you complete your development project please contact us.